Chemeketa Press hosts the podcast series Textbook Revolution, featuring authors and teams from our titles and regional authors with connections to our community. The podcast is hosted by Brian Mosher, Chemeketa Press' marketing and publicity coordinator. Each episode discusses the author's book and its connection to community, publishing, or writing that students and faculty can enjoy as a supplement to reading the volume. Our guests bring their understanding of what the sometimes isolating experience of working on a book project feels like while remaining part of their community.

Textbook Revolution podcast debut, featuring Salem author Kelly Williams Brown

July 1, 2021

Kelly Williams Brown, long time Salem resident and champion of the communities here, has authored three nonfiction books that embrace her community and build it up with useful, smart life advice. I sat down with Kelly to discuss her upcoming book Easy Crafts for the Insane: A Mostly Funny Memoir of Mental Illness and Making Things, and the way writing habits, advice, and community intertwine in her work.

New Textbook Revolution episode featuring Matthew Hodgson, editor of Passing, by Nella Larsen

November 23, 2021

On this episode of Textbook Revolution, we talk with Matthew Hodgson, editor of Chemeketa Press's edition of Passing, a 1929 novella by Nella Larsen. This essential book has reached a new audience due to the November 11, 2021 release of a film adaptation on Netflix. Hodgson discusses the exciting additions he's made to our version, and reflects on the adaptation's successes at capturing the dense and complex nuance of the novella.

New Textbook Revolution episode featuring Alexis Butzner

January 24, 2022

In this episode of Textbook Revolution, we speak with Alexis Butzner about her new anthology, The Art Is Long: Primary Texts in Medicine & the Humanities. This anthology in the Medical Humanities covers a broad range of subjects and time as this field has grown in importance. Butzner discusses the process of building an introductory anthology and the excitement within the field of Medical Humanities.

New Textbook Revolution episode featuring Emme Lund

February 11, 2022

In this episode, we speak to Portland, OR author Emme Lund, whose book The Boy with a Bird in His Chest will be released February 15, 2022 from Atria Books. We discuss the origins of this fantastic coming-of-age story, finding community of like minds in your youth, the importance of music (not just in youth but in this book), and Lund's writing process and strategies.

New Textbook Revolution episode featuring Daniel Couch

April 22, 2022

In this episode of Textbook Revolution, host Brian Mosher speaks to Daniel Couch, author and editor of Your Guide to College Writing, a writers' handbook for college students published by Chemeketa Press. We discuss the evolution of the handbook through several iterations, the need for textbooks that serve students more than they serve faculty, and why this handbook is the best handbook we've ever used in classrooms.

New Textbook Revolution episode featuring Stephanie Lenox and Amy Hofer

November 9, 2022

In this episode of Textbook Revolution, host Brian Mosher talks with Stephanie Lenox and Amy Hofer about Open Oregon's next "Targeted Pathways" project. Open Oregon Educational Resources is a hub, both for locating and creating Open Educational Resources (OERs) that are free to use by faculty and students. Targeted Pathways is a grant-funded project that is building 13 textbooks and courses with the help of Chemeketa Press.