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Health and Fitness for Life



Health and Fitness for Life is an introductory college textbook that shows students how to improve their habits related to physical activity, eating, or stress management. With a focus on real-world activities and practices for increasing overall wellness, this book includes grounded examples of practical health-based situations and healthy choices from diverse perspectives that will give students strategies for identifying and improving areas of their health.

This book covers the basics of exercise and healthy living, as well as more advanced topics, including:

•        Cardiorespiratory fitness

•        Muscular strength and endurance

•        Flexibility training and mobility

•        Body composition

•        Nutrition planning and guidance

•        Stress management

•        Chronic and infectious disease

•        Substance use and abuse

•        Environmental health

This book’s data-driven study of health and fitness is goal-oriented, instructive, and encouraging for students of varying backgrounds and states of wellness. The approach in these pages creates relevant links between guidance from official health organizations and everyday life. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re looking to improve habits related to physical activity, eating, or stress management, or to better understand your place in the world as a healthy individual.

Written by community college health faculty, Health and Fitness for Life blends down-to-earth instructional text with numerous examples of relevant situations and outcomes for students from all demographics.


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Raschel Larsen

Student Reviews

"The book is great about talking about real life examples. It is very easy to relate to my personal life."

"I was surprised how current and useful the information was."

"This is my second time taking this class, so I've had the old book and the new book. And honestly, I prefer the new book. It's just easier to read."