1: Introduction to the World
2: Europe
3: Russia
4: North America
5: Australia and New Zealand
6: The Pacific and Antarctica
7: Middle America
8: South America
9: Sub-Saharan Africa
10: North Africa and Southwest Asia
11: South Asia
12: East Asia
13: Southeast Asia

World Regional Geography

Steve Wolfe

Steve Wolfe edited a World Regional Geography OER, improving the text, imagery, and organization. This text replaces Hobbs’ Fundamentals of World Regional Geography for $231 and Goode’s World Atlas for $60. It is available as a free eBook or as a $38 optional print edition. The potential savings for a student taking this course will be $253, or $291 if they choose the free version.

Print/Digital – Color
388 pages
8.5″ x 11″

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