Summer 2020 Textbook Development Grants

Stipend: $1,000

Deadline: May 15, 2020

Application: https://bit.ly/textbook-grant2020

***Internal opportunity for Chemeketa Community College faculty only***

Chemeketa Press invites Chemeketa Community College (CCC) faculty to apply for a textbook development grant for summer term 2020. Grant recipients will form an interdisciplinary cohort of faculty working on textbook projects. With weekly guidance from a Chemeketa Press editor, faculty will build a book outline, draft a chapter or revise existing content, and work on a book proposal.

Ideal applicants should have a specific course-related textbook project in mind and be able to commit approximately 5–10 hours a week during the summer term. Professional development outcomes include increased writing productivity, interdisciplinary collaboration, and substantial progress on a textbook project of their choosing.


How is the grant awarded?

Upon completion of the grant period, participants will receive a $1,000 stipend from Chemeketa Press. Participants will be required to submit a book outline, draft chapter, and cover letter for a book proposal.

How much work is involved in the grant?

The workload is designed to be manageable for busy faculty who want to devote time to a writing project over the summer. To successfully complete the grant requirements, you can expect to put in about 5–10 hours of work each week, depending on how much research, writing, and editing your project requires.

Are adjuncts/PT faculty eligible for the grant?

Yes. This grant is for anyone who teaches and wants to develop a textbook. We aim to have a balance between full-time and part-time/adjunct faculty, but acceptance depends on the numbers of applicants and the types of projects they propose.

Who owns the work I produce as part of the textbook development grant?

According to the current collective bargaining agreement for faculty, any writing that you produce during the course of your work at Chemeketa, whether related to your discipline or not, belongs to you. That means you would be the sole owner of the copyright to the material you produce during this fellowship. The exception to this would be if you sign a work-for-hire agreement and contract with the Press or other department within the college to produce a specific body of work (such as a book) for pay. The grant does not imply a contract. The purpose of the grant is to compensate faculty for the work developing content that will benefit their students.

Questions? Contact Stephanie Lenox, stephanie.lenox@chemeketa.edu, 503-399-5253.

Inquiries from authors outside the CCC system can be sent to collegepress@chemeketapress.org.

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