2019 Proposal Guidelines for Faculty Authors and Author Teams

Chemeketa Press is piloting a submissions system for new projects to make the proposal process accessible and convenient for all faculty. All books published by Chemeketa Press are approved by the Press’s Editorial Board, field tested in the classroom, and peer reviewed. The Editorial Board will evaluate all submissions and respond within 2–3 weeks of the closing submission date.

Applications are now closed, thank you for your interest in this project.

About the Press

Chemeketa Press publishes affordable and effective textbooks to promote student success and change lives. We currently accept proposals from individuals and author teams who teach at Chemeketa Community College (CCC) in Salem, Oregon. The Press seeks to publish textbooks and other course materials such as lab manuals and thematic readers for use in courses at CCC. Inquiries from authors outside the CCC system can be sent to

Types of Projects We Consider

  1. Textbooks
  2. Anthologies/Readers
  3. Lab Manuals
  4. OER Reprint/Revision
  5. Other course-related materials (surprise us!)

Proposal Guidelines

To propose a project, please provide a cover letter and topic outline as two separate files using the link at the top of this page:

  1. Cover Letter (download PDF).
    1. Project Overview: What is your proposed project and why is it needed? What is its potential impact? What courses or subject areas could use this text? What commercial book would it replace, if any? What are comparable texts lacking? How does your proposed project address a gap in existing texts?
    2. Project Description: What does your finished project look like? What unique components do you envision as part of this project? Does your project use images, photographs, illustrations, graphs, diagrams, etc. that might require additional design work? Does your project involve work that is under copyright?
    3. Preparation: What work have you completed already for this project? Provide a rough timeline for completion based on the academic quarter schedule and your availability.
    4. Support: What level of support does your project have from your program, dean, or others? Who might contribute to or provide peer review for your project? Are there possible grants or an upcoming sabbatical that could be used to support this project?
    5. Mission: How does the project align with the Press’s mission to provide affordable and effective textbooks to students? How does the project reflect the College’s values of collaboration, diversity, equity, innovation, and/or stewardship?
    6. About You: What excites you about this project? Why are you the right person and why is it the right time for this undertaking?
  2. Topic Outline
    1. Outline Template (download PDF)
    2. Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs (download PDF)

Criteria for Evaluation

The Editorial Board will use the following criteria to evaluate projects for publication:

  • Impact: What is the potential value, including savings, of this project for students, for the faculty involved, and for the college? What is the enrollment for the course, the frequency of offering, and potential for outside adoption?
  • Mission: How closely does this project align with the mission of Chemeketa Press and the college’s vision? How likely is this project to meet the Press’s standards of accessible style and content?
  • Press Investment: What resources of time and money are needed to develop this project? How demanding is this project is likely to be?
  • Author Preparation and Support: How ready is the author/author team to proceed with this project? What level of support does this project have from programs, departments, or beyond?
  • X Factor: How might this project take the Press in new directions and teach us new things?

Need Assistance?

Instructional Editor Stephanie Lenox is happy to meet with you as you prepare your proposal for submission. She holds faculty-only office hours at the Writing Center, Thursdays, 1:30-3:30 pm. Go to her calendar to sign up for a spot.

Contact Stephanie Lenox:

By Stephanie Lenox
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