1: Technical Communication Fundamentals
2: Technical Communication Ethics
3: Design and Collaboration
4: Multimodal and Multimedia Communication
5: Research Methods for Technical Communication
6: Job Materials and Applications
7: Workplace Communication
8: Technical Definitions and Descriptions
9: Instructions and Procedures
10: Proposals and Short Reports
11: Formal Reports

Practical Models for Technical Communication

Shannon Kelley

Practical Models of Technical Communication is a college-level textbook for technical writers and communicators. This text is designed for academic quarters, and is written in plain language. It is filled with useful, real-world examples of technical communication and introduces concepts of multimodal communication. This development edition is an early, complete version of the book.

Print – Color
274 pages
7.5″ x 9.25″

We are actively seeking faculty beyond Chemeketa to test these books out in actual classes. If you teach actual classes and are interested in joining the development team, let us know. We’ll send you more information about how that works and what’s in it for you.

A New Model for Textbook Publishing

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