Field-Testing Chemeketa Press Books

At Chemeketa Press, it’s all about the students. We want to improve their experience with affordable textbooks, of course. The more important goal, however, is making sure our books are effective. We want to produce books that students learn from and enjoy. To make sure our books are doing that, we’re piloting a new field-testing program for faculty outside Chemeketa Community College.

Starting in Fall 2019, we’ll be field-testing these books:

Here’s how the field-testing works:

  • You give your students two ten-minute surveys. One survey comes early in the term to test their impressions and initial experience with the textbook.  The other comes at the end of the term. These can be taken on paper, online, or both.
  • We talk with you at the end of the term to gather your impressions of the effectiveness of the books with your students and your teaching.
  • We send you a $100 honorarium to thank you for your participation.
  • You will also have access to a behind-the-scenes faculty website where faculty can discuss the book, how they are using it, offer suggestions, request improvements, share assignments, and so on.

If you teach courses that might use one or more of these books, and if you’re interested in field-testing, use the form below to get more information, get a review copy, or leap blindly into field-testing, sight unseen.

A New Model for Textbook Publishing

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