Alien and Sedition Acts
Jourdon Anderson | A Letter to My Old Master
Marcus Aurelius | On Empathy
Dewnya Bakri-Bazzi | Sporting Faith
Lewis Buzbee | Five and Dime Cherokee Memorial Chinese Exclusion Act
Wendy Chin-Tanner | Empathy for the Devil
Kate Chopin | The Story of an Hour
Christopher Columbus | Journal of the First Voyage to America, 1492–1493
Kate Carroll de Gutes | The Other Edition
Rene Denfeld | The Other Side of Loss
Frederick Douglass | What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?
Ralph Waldo Emerson | The Crime of Removal
George Estreich | An Open Letter to Medical Students: Down Syndrome, Paradox, and Medicine
Jenny Forrester | Running Mountains
William Han | I Spent the Last 15 Years Trying to Become an American
A. R. Holcombe | The Separate Street-Car Law in New Orleans
Oliver Wendell Holmes | Buck v. Bell Lawson
Fusao Inada | Legends from Camp Instructions to All Persons of Japanese Ancestry
Andrew Jackson | Second Address to Congress
Harriet Ann Jacobs | Seven Years Concealed
Jim Crow Laws
Helen Keller | The Five-Sensed World
Mitch Landrieu | On the Removal of Confederate Monuments
Emma Lazarus | The New Colossus
My Husband Is a Cop
Scott Nadelson | Squatter
Barack Obama | Howard University Commencement Address
Ijeoma Oluo | I Just Got Called Racist, What Do I Do Now?
James Oppenheim | Bread and Roses
Demetra Perros | Roots & Wings: A Memoir of Hope and Transformation
Liz Prato | The Terrible Things I Learned About My Dad: On Abuse and the People We Love
Franklin Delano Roosevelt | Statement on the National Industrial Recovery Act
Margaret H. Sanger | Impressions of the East Side
Sonia Sotomayor | A Latina Judge’s Voice Standing Up for Our Law Enforcement Community
Sojourner Truth | Ain’t I a Woman?
Worried Man Blues
Zitkala-Sa | The School Days of an Indian Girl


Magdalen Powers

This collection of essays, historical documents, stories, and poetry works explores the American tendency to decide who is “us” and who is “them” in terms of immigration, wealth, race, and other externals. The collection offers readings of varying levels of difficulty and from a wide range of perspectives so that student writers will have many appropriate topics to focus on and respond to.

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280 pages
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