1: Finding Solutions to Poverty
2: Economic Models
3: The Simple Keynesian Model
4: Business Cycles
5: Wage Determination
6: Heterodox Solutions
7: Scarcity and Choice
8: The Orthodox Model of Labor Markets
9: Orthodox Solutions to Poverty
10: Questionable Assumptions
11: The Banking System and Poverty
12: The Consequences of Being Wrong
13: Testing the Models
14: Conclusion

The Economics of Poverty

Kevin Furey

This is a development edition of an introductory economics text that examples orthodox and heteroorthodox economics theories as they relate to the topic of poverty. It is only for use in selected sections of EC200 at Chemeketa Community College.

Print – Black and White
360 pages
6″ x 9″

We are actively seeking faculty beyond Chemeketa to test these books out in actual classes. If you teach actual classes and are interested in joining the development team, let us know. We’ll send you more information about how that works and what’s in it for you.

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