Chemeketa Press American Voices Collection Guest Editor, 2019–2020

Applications are now closed, thank you for your interest in this project.

***Internal opportunity for Chemeketa Community College faculty only***

Chemeketa Press seeks proposals for a book-length text for use in a CCC course that is in the public domain (published prior to January 1, 1924). The American Voices Collection reprints books that offer students a unique view of the American experience. Guest editors for this series write an introduction for a student audience, curate the manuscript, and proof the final project. Guest editors collaborate with Chemeketa Press staff and faculty and students in Visual Communications to guide student design of the book’s cover. In return, guest editors receive a stipend of $500.

Previous projects have included Passing, a novella by Nella Larsen (edited by Matthew Hodgson for use in ENG254 American Literature) and My First Summer in the Sierra, a personal narrative by John Muir (edited by Kevin Dye for use in ENG269 Environmental Literature.)


  • Must be a book-length text (fiction or nonfiction)
  • Must be written by an American author or about an American experience
  • Must be in the public domain (published before January 1, 1924)
  • Must be for use in a Chemeketa Community College course

Sources for Public Domain Texts

If you aren’t sure if your text is eligible, please contact Chemeketa Press at 503-399-2323.

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